Founder’s Message

Mr. Tan Kwee ChaiFounder & Executive Chairman

I started furniture making in 1976 as a small workshop. Today, LY owns/leases 15 factories with combined built-up area of approximately 1.4 million sq ft. When I started 40 years back, there were only 8 employees in my company. 40 years later, our workforce has grown to more than 1,000 personnel. I am indeed thankful to my whole team and business associates for their continuous support throughout these 4 decades which make us one of the leading wooden bedroom furniture manufacturer and exporter in Malaysia. I believe it is our commitment to provide quality products at reasonable prices with prompt delivery that helps us get bigger and bigger.

At LY, our workers are the most valuable assets. We are one of the few companies who give good incentives and bonuses even to foreign labourers who meet our KPI. On top of this, we are also one of the few companies in this industry who are willing to spend millions of ringgit in software development to upgrade and monitor our production process.

Over the past few years, my co-founders and I have been slowly handing over the leadership to our 2nd generation and young leaders such as our CEO Mr Tan Yong Chuan and marketing director Ms Leona Tan Ai Luang. Their performance have surpassed expectations and I strongly believe they will take LY to greater heights.

Last but not least, as the proverb goes “the only thing that never change is that everything changes”. To cope with the ever changing environment, we must be willing to release ourselves from our comfort zones and always stay alert to the rapid market changes, be innovative, flexible, adaptive and constantly upgrade our production skill and product quality. This is the only way to ensure the competitiveness of our Company in the international market.